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Transport and infrastructure legal consultants.

AGRECA has been one of the strategically focused legal market players in Ukraine since 2005. The firm’s team has a unique practical experience and credentials in the sectors of transport, infrastructure and logistics, which is proved with years of legal advisory experience and transactional work for the most reputable national and international industrial companies, as well as the firm’s expert input in reforming the transportation regulatory framework.

The firm’s expertise covers the whole range of transactions related to state property, such as privatization, joint venture, lease, public-private partnership, including concession.

For the last 10 years, AGRECA has positioned itself as a highly specialized legal adviser in the sector of transport and infrastructure, which primarily relates to seaports and waterways, railways, airports and motorways.

In particular, the firm’s experience focuses on two key areas: (1) advising on the regulatory framework, which includes constant monitoring of sectoral policies and legislative developments; drafting legislation and regulations; contributing to the efforts of international financial organizations and institutional investors in upgrading the sector’s regulatory framework; and counselling private businesses on building up strategic relationships with the government and state monopolies in the sector; (2) attracting private investment, providing direct legal advisory support for transactions on privatization, lease, PPP and concessions.

AGRECA is among pioneer law firms in Ukraine to launch a comprehensive legal support of major national and international investments in the transport and infrastructure industry. Today, the firm’s lawyers keep their practice focus as advisors investing in and protecting sector-related assets.

In addition to this, AGRECA’s lawyers are renowned for their experience in drafting sectoral laws, as well as developing procedures for privatization, lease, and management of state assets. While dealing with law drafting and regulatory updates, the firm’s experts focus their efforts on identifying and minimizing transactional and operational risks for all parties involved in sector-related projects with state property.


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