Juscutum Law Firm


35 Olesya Honchara Street,

Kyiv, 01034, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 359 0896

E-mail: office@juscutum.com

Web-site: www.juscutum.com


Juscutum Law Firm is a team of experts that practice the most up-to-date jurisprudence, where everything is targeted at efficiency, quality and the result. We consult clients both in Ukraine and abroad. The partnership network includes Great Britain (London), USA (New York) and Cyprus (Nicosia). Our team consists of 70 persons, 62 of whom are ­lawyers.

In our approach, we follow technologies and leading management methods. Our prio­rity is to provide a client with more than just legal advice, as we aim to develop the solution to a client’s problem. That is why we represent absolutely new legal practices in addition to standard ones: management of conflicts, business security, taxation and business performance, TMT, blockchain projects support. This is connected with the development of related competences by our lawyers, which enable us to get a broader view of the tasks set by our clients. Juscutum is actively deve­loping product-orientated jurisprudence. We develop our own technological solutions and offer products which are not typical for consulting companies (SudoBot, Legal Alarm, ReporTax Bot, PatentBot).

Juscutum Law Firm is an established practice in