RELE Business Center, 8 Floor,

132 Holosiivskyi Avenue,

Kyiv, 03127, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 68 520 8888; +380 50 520 8888


15 Zhukovsky Street,

Odesa, 65026, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 68 520 8888; +380 50 520 8888



VigoLex is a boutique law firm, which provides full-stack legal solutions for businesses and recurring flexible legal support services.

The VigoLex team unites ambitious, creative and flexible legal practitioners, who have significant experience in such industries as: IT, e-commerce, real estate, intellectual property, fintech, tax/accounting, trusts and gambling. We provide top-tier legal services to all our clients from blue ocean start-ups to industry leaders. Moreover, VigoLex lawyers are regular speakers at industry events dedicated to IT law and gambling regulations.

VigoLex has offices in Kyiv and Odesa, although it provides services worldwide. Our specialists work primarily with complex cross-border projects and transactions and ensure legal assistance in various jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, USA, UAE and others.

Furthermore, VigoLex has trusted partners in numerous jurisdictions, thereby enabling our clients to receive top-level legal advice and efficiently close complex legal issues.

VigoLex takes responsibility for all legal aspects of doing business, so customers can focus on the success and prosperity of their own business. Our mission is to become the best law firm in the field of IT-law, gambling and real estate by 2025 and to prove that clients can entrust us with the most vital legal issues, because the core value of VigoLex team is trust – of clients, of partners and of our employees.